Business Weather

BusinessWeather helps to create fascinating quizzes and transform them to intuitive statistics.

We helped to build the service by designing an iPad app and engineering a back-end.


For a long period of time quizzes remained the same. Bloated with text and reminiscent of school, they required a lot of cognitive focus. they’re time-consuming and complexity was exhausting. At worst, this can result in anything from inaccurate to random data.

The client came to us with an app idea to revolutionize the way we go through quizzes, and streamline the way customers communicate feedback.

Our challenge was to design the process of going through quizzes interesting for users and to make consolidating statistics for businesses straightforward and accessible.

To get users’ attention, we designed an exciting but unobtrusive interface using highly saturated colors, much in contrast to the traditional black-and-white world of traditional surveys.

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We also created a backend for businesses to consolidate the data and present it with simple, easy-to-understand visualizations.

Managers can get a weather report in a particular region and are able to quickly assess the situation there.

With the new feedback approach, people have the opportunity to leave instructive reviews quickly to help services improve.

Based on the universal language of weather, Business Weather eases the process of gathering and analyzing client feedback.

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