App Annie

Designing the mobile user experience to expand App Annie’s user base

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Guideline Development
  • Increasing User Loyalty
  • Increasing Brand Value

When it comes to help a popular service migrate to mobile, it’s always a tricky task to preserve the visual identification yet use mobile UX patterns. App Annie has got thousands of users familiar with existing UI graphs and statistics. Our main task was migrating these well-known web patterns to mobile while preserving important functionality and feel.

We were communicating with a specialist from App Annie’s side, who knew all the details, users’ needs, and wishes. That helped us to understand their target audience better. We successfully made use of and evolved existing App Annie design guidelines throughout the project.

As the result of our work, App Annie has a mobile app with user-friendly design that helps to expand their user base.
Now the app works and is improving iteratively with App Annie’s own in-house team.

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