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All things made with love lead to successful commercial products.
We’re at Ramotion are huge music lovers, part of our team have a background in DJ’ing. We decided to build a product that would help broad audience to experience music in a new way.

Our task was to bring back the analogue experience of playing the vinyl and implement it in a touch user interface.
We spent days exploring Technics turntables to make the application realistic and capable of conveying the process of playing vinyl.
To lead the app to incredibly high standards, we took everything we’ve learned about designing iOS user interfaces and implemented it in Turnplay.

The final task was to create a memorable name for the app and accompanying visual branding. The results were demoed on WWDC 2013 by Apple UX/UI evangelist Mike Stern as an example of the highest quality app in the industry.

Within two weeks after its debut on the AppStore, it was widely acclaimed as one of the best and most realistic entertainment apps available with more than 200,000 users.

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